5 Ways Design Can Increase Your Rental Bookings

Increase your vacation rental books (and revenue) with these 5 tips from our expert design team!

Pick a Theme (and stick to it!)

Selecting a unifying theme (and color palette) is a great way to design a cohesive and creative space without going overboard on to many different home decor styles. By centering your design around one specific theme you create an intentional experience and avoid running the risk of making your vacation rental feel like your kitschy Aunt’s house. 

Create Insta-Worthy Features

Once you nail down a theme it is time to create an inspired living space! Remember...people are on vacation so don’t be afraid to go a bit bolder with your design (think bright accent walls, funky wallpaper, neon signs, cocoon chairs, bohemian hammocks etc.). These elements can create such fun #vacayvibes that guests will have to share on their social media channels and encourage guests to stay just for the photo ops. Not sure what kind of design feature to create in your space? Our team can help! Click here.

Details, Details Details

Less is often more when it comes to vacation rentals, you want your guests to feel like it is their space not yours. That being said, details are everything when it comes to a vacation rental. Invest in quality mattresses, pillows, towels, linens and robes. Think about what kind of experience a 5 Star Luxury Hotel would offer and steal a page from their book. Offer quality complimentary coffees and teas, splurge on the chic soap dispenser and yummy smelling soaps. In the end, these little luxuries will go a long way and can often be the difference between a 4 and 5 star review.

Light Up Their Life

Repeat after us, natural light is our friend. Keeping your space light, bright and airy helps set the tone for the entire space. Invest in quality curtains and drapes - we love gauzy, billowy options in neutral tones, but you will want to select something that compliments your theme and color palette.

When it comes to artificial lighting, opt for LED bulbs because they save energy which translates to monthly savings on your electric bill. Consider springing for dimmers in spaces like bedrooms and common living spaces like the dining and living rooms. Afterall, what is a vacation without a little mood lighting? Also, if possible - invest in Smart Tech like keyless entry, digital guidebooks, Nest and Alexa devices for your space.  These kinds of upgrades may not be as exciting as some new deco pillows but they  instantly elevate a guest experience on a whole new level.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Once you have designed and decorated your 5-Star vacation rental, it’s time to get it booked which means capturing it’s good side! Hiring a quality real-estate or lifestyle photographer is crucial. While you may think you can step back and snap a few solid iPhone photos - when it comes to equipment, lighting, editing and aesthetics, it is best to leave it to the professionals. 

When hiring your photographer, make sure you ask for examples of their work and take some time to create something called a shot list. This is a list of pictures you would like them to capture of your space. Let’s say you added cushy bath towels to the Master Suite - capture those details. Not sure what kind of photos should be on the list? Try taking some time to Google 5 Star spas, hotels and vacation rentals to get some ideas of what kinds of photos people are drawn to.

Interested in taking your vacation rental to the next level but don't know where to start?! The Just Stay Design team can help! Contact us today to learn more!

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